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Subjects of great natural portraits often make a home
along roadsides or easily explored trails that afford them open living space. However, many are secluded in difficult to traverse habitats of cloud forest and jungle. The heliconia show on the left is an example of such a hidden treasure; this elegant specimen grew a several hour hike from the nearest center of human activity and required the photographer to not only brave the possibility of confrontations with pesky snakes, but the involuntary contribution of considerable blood to hoards of rapacious insects. Nonetheless, the resulting photo and subsequent Portrait proved worth the effort. A creature need not be rare, remote or exotic to provide memorable pictures. Great beauty of form and color frequently reside, unnoticed, within very ordinary looking pictures and their settings.

Jungle Portraits intensify unrealized colors and forms inherent in many nature photos (see the Masked Flowerpiercer sample below). Presented with startling texture – some nearly indistinguishable from a detailed painting – Jungle Portraits range from 2.5 to over 12 square feet and capture nature’s artistry through the giclée process applied to fine artist’s canvas, which is suitable for gallery-wrap stretching as well as traditional framing beneath glass.  

 Masked Flowerpiercers-Ecuador

Scroll down to see a remarkably beautiful transformation of the Masked Flowerpiercer's photo (above right) as a Jungle Portrait.

Below is the enlarged, upper right-hand corner of the Masked Flowerpiercer
photo. Note the significant differences in color and texture.


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