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Unless explicitly stated otherwise, Jungle Portraits owns the exclusive copyright to all photographs (and/or text) appearing on the JunglePortraits.com website. No images are within the Public Domain. Any use of Jungle Portraits’ images outside of the guidelines outlined in this document is copyright infringement.

1.  The use of (a) Jungle Portrait/s is/are specifically limited to personal,
non-commercial use.

2.  No tampering, additions, cropping, low quality reproduction, or other alterations or transformations of Jungle Portraits’ images from this website are permitted.

3.  Purchase of a Jungle Portrait does not mean that the title to the image is transferred to the buyer.  The purchaser of a Jungle Portrait owns the medium on which the images (or text) is recorded, but Jungle Portraits retains full and complete title to the image (or text) and all intellectual property rights therein.

4.  Prohibited actions include:

    A. Embedding images into a web page, that have a direct ("hot") link (img src)  to any image (or jpeg file) in this website.

    B. Using programs to automatically download or spider any portion of the  JunglePortraits.com site for other purposes than indexing.

    C. Framing of any of the JunglePortraits.com web pages.

5. Links to other web pages (html files) included in this server may be made by obtaining written consent from Jungle Portraits – see “contact us.”

JunglePortraits.com reserves the right to make future changes to these guidelines.




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