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What are Jungle Portraits

 Jungle Portraits begin as nature photographs, primarily taken in areas that are home to exotic plants and wildlife. Pictures destined to become Jungle Portraits are often selected (on occasion, even out-of-focus images are employed) to show some outstanding characteristic of the subject, such as unusual or interesting colors, shapes, behavior, or beauty.

These photographs are refined by incorporating the distinctive Jungle Portrait texture and, in some, inherent, but obscure colors are enhanced. The final picture is imprinted on high quality, white artist’s canvas by the giclée method and, just as a painting on canvas, may be “gallery-wrapped” or traditionally framed beneath glass.

Jungle Portraits are somewhat darker than their original photographs because the shadowing technique, that produces their signature three-dimensional features, applies dark pigment; generally, their appearance is rather like an oil painting on fine-grained stucco.

We have not attempted to replicate Jungle Portraits on this site because part of the remarkable textured quality is due to a larger size than can be illustrated on a web page. Please refer to the photograph of the Masked Flowerpiercers on the Home Page and compare it to the excerpted portion of that photo, which is reproduced as it will appear as a Jungle Portrait.

 The following photographs are available as Jungle Portraits

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